Sealant – The Ins and Outs of Recycling It

Sealant is used for a very wide range of things, from sealing decks against exposure to sealing auto body panels and everything in between. Sealant is a very important substance used throughout a variety of industries. However, there are problems here. The most significant problem comes from disposing of sealant once it has been used – waste product, in other words. It cannot be put into a landfill, because it contains immensely harmful chemicals that can pollute groundwater and kill plant and animal life.

Recycling Sealant Is Vital

It’s not all bleak here – sealant can be recovered and recycled for a number of different uses. The recovery process for sealant chemicals varies with the application. Some industries will have to process wastewater in order to extract the sealant, while others will simply need to make use of remnants from other industrial processes. For example, the automotive industry recovers sealant used in the manufacturing process to be reused in manufacturing automotive paint.

Not All Companies Recycle Sealant

If you have waste sealant, finding the right way to recycle it can be problematic. Not all recycling companies specialize in chemical products. Most focus on things like paper, plastic, metal, glass and wood. However, there are those that provide chemical recycling services. Often, you will have to pay in order for the company to accept your sealant, but this cost can usually be written off on taxes and recouped.

In order to ensure that you are working with the right company, make sure that the recovered sealant is actually recycled and not just dumped somewhere – unethical companies do exist. Ask the representative what they do with the chemicals and what clients use the recycled sealant. For further peace of mind and clarification, you can contact those clients for proof.