How Can You Recycle a Sink of Non-Metal Material?

If you are upgrading your kitchen or bathroom, there is no reason to let a good sink go to waste.  You can recycle or re-use any type of sink, even a sink of non-metal.  Let’s first discuss the option of re-using a good sink by way of donating it to a worthy cause.  Kitchen and bathroom features are very expensive, whether or not they are of the highest quality.  Therefore, many people can benefit from using a used sink.

You have options for donating sinks (non-metal) whole…

You have the option of donating your old sink of non metal materials to a charity or an individual who needs one.  You can also find assistance from charitable organizations like Habitat for Humanity or The Salvation Army.  You can also donate the item to Goodwill.

Or you can recycle the material itself…

What if you want to recycle the product by re-using its material?  It depends on the type of material.  For instance, if the sink is made of porcelain, you can donate it to an antique shop who will want (or perhaps buy) the material from you—provided it is in very good condition.  Any type of ceramic material could be valuable, so think about antiques dealers.

It makes a difference!

Likewise, sinks are also made of enamel over cast iron, earthenware, stone, and so on.  Remember that it’s much easier to donate when the sink has been preserved and is not stained, chipped or cracked.  As long as the surface is free of damage, you are “good to go”. Unfortunately, once a chip appears, it can trap dirt.

Remember, many new luxury sinks are actually being made from recycled sinks, whether of brass, aluminum or other alloys.  There is no reason to keep creating new sinks, and destroying new resources, when there is plenty of quality material that can be reused!