Solar Panels

Yes, You Can Recycle Solar Panels!

Many people are “going green” these days by reusing, recycling and using renewable energy.  Solar panels are a great investment that not only eventually saves you money, but also helps save the earth.  Most of these panels are believed to last a good 20 years, but many people haven’t thought about what they will do with them when the lifespan is up.  Now, before the need is urgent, it is the time to think of what to do with these panels.

Solar energy is a remarkable resource!

NASA has calculated that in a single day we have enough solar energy to meet the countries energy needs for an entire year!  Finally, the United States and its people are coming around to this new technology.  Many are predicting fossil fuels will be obsolete in the not too distant future.  So, what about the panels?  We can’t create one solution just to have another problem!  You will be happy to know that more and more recycling plants around the country are popping up that can handle the recycling of these panels.

Solar panels are not an easy thing to recycle, as they often contain things like indium, cadmium, and silicon tetrachloride, all of which are toxic.  Many companies are looking into alternatives, but most solar panels that will need to be recycled soon will likely contain these items.

The key then is to find a recycling plant near you that will accept these items for recycling…

Some centers do charge a fee, as recycling these items can be costly.  Some companies are now putting a small cost on the initial sale of these items, which then allows you to return them to the company for free recycling, which may be something you’ll want to look into when buying new panels.

If you need more information on recycling solar panels, you can find it online at helpful recycling websites that list all recycling centers in your area.