Modern Ways to Recycle Steel Cans

A typical American family will use roughly 600 steel cans in a single year.  Billions of these cans are used each year and so much so that stacked end to end they could make it to the moon and back!  That is a lot of cans.  Now take a moment and think about all those cans sitting in landfills across the globe. The saddest part is that these cans are 100% recyclable.  Those are certainly some interesting facts to keep in mind next time you go to throw a can in the trash.  Why not recycle?

Aren’t those supermarket cans made of tin?

For the most part supermarket cans are made of steel.  They might be called tin cans as they are coated with a super fine layer of tin on the outside.  Most cans will come with labels these days telling you if they are recyclable or what they are made out of.  If your cans don’t say, one easy way to tell is by holding up a magnet to them. Steel is one of the very few metals that a magnet will cling to.

Now that you know those cans are recyclable, what are you going to do?

Don’t let those steel cans pile up in the landfills, when they could easily have a new life as a car, a bike, or even get to be cans again!  You can do your part, and it doesn’t even need to be hard.

A fast way to learn more is by going online and viewing websites that can tell you about recycling in your area.  There are recycling centers, and in some places, you can even get special bins just for these recyclable items.  That makes it as easy as setting out your trash!  Why not contact a local organization in your area that handles steel can recycling?