How Do You Go About Recycling a Stove Not Working?

Are you wondering if and when to recycle an old stove that has fizzled out?  Your first instinct might be to dump the appliance, since there’s no use advertising an old stove on Craigslist.  However, we encourage you to consider another route: recycle the appliance.  Even if your stove is not working, you can still send it to be reused.

Why are stoves recyclable?

Remember some stoves actually contain valuable parts like wire, brass valves, stainless steel and water heaters.  You can either send the entire stove for fixing, or perhaps can send the stove for parts.  Shred steel, core wire and other items can be cut out with cutters (which you access by popping off the top of the stove), but many sources will actually take the whole stove off your hands.  At the very least, the stove can be used as scrap metal.

You have plenty of options to look into…

If possible look into means of donating the old stove, or at least working with a recycling company that disassembles the stove for you.  You can ask for help from the local municipality, which can give you a location for drop off.  Just remember to prepare the stove before dropping off, according to local regulations.  Some recycling organizations may actually require that you remove the doors (to prevent animals or children from being stuck inside) or that you remove certain chemicals that will contaminate landfill.

How are we doing at recycling?

The good news is as a nation we are doing very good in recycling household appliances.  In fact, 84% of all household appliances are now recycled thanks to recent legislation.  Remember, everything from glass to plastic to oil and steel can be reused.

You are doing the right thing by recycling since this habit wastes fewer natural resources, saves energy, and helps to create newer products at no extra expense.