Is There a Way to Recycle Your Stove in Working Condition?

Getting new big kitchen appliances is always a treat.  You finally got that matching stove with all those fancy buttons!  What do you do about your old stove in working condition though?  Don’t haul it out to the curb, recycle that bad boy!

If your old stove is still working you may want to think about donating it to charity.

There are many people who would be happy to have your old stove, as it is new to them!  Some places will even pick up the stove from you and haul it away.  You can also consider online websites such as Craigslist or local classifieds to advertise your free stove.  What if your old stove is working, but is still in need of a lot of repairs?  You may have a hard time finding someone who will take it, if they don’t have the know-how or money to fix it.  Not to worry, there are still more options.

There are many recycling centers that take larger appliances for recycling…you just have to find them!

The easiest way to find a center near you is to go online and find a helpful website that will list all the centers in your area.  If you have several items to recycle, some centers will even come and haul them all away for you.  By not letting that old stove go to a dump, you are not only saving space, but you are also helping give materials back to be reused.  Your stove’s steel could be made into any number of new items instead of just taking up space in a landfill!

If your older model stove is working, try donating it, if it can’t be donated, then go the route of recycling!

The earth and future generations will thank you.  While you are finding out more on recycling your stove, you may also want to see just how many other items you could be recycling rather than throwing away today.  Every little bit helps!