Recycling Tips on Stucco

Stucco refers to material made of aggregate, binder and water.  It is applied while it is wet and then hardens to a solid.  It is often used for decorating, and can cover less artsy materials like concrete, clay, wall covering and so on.

What is stucco made from?

Bear in mind that inside stucco there is plenty of recyclable material, including sand, lime and water, cement and a proprietary mix of additives.  Stucco can actually be recycled by builders and “DIYers” as components in it can be reused.  For example, the stucco can be torn off and mixed back into the fill dirt or concrete.

You have many resources that can help you recycle stucco…

After breaking up the stucco pieces, you can contact a crushing company within your local vicinity.  There may be local companies that take elements such as stucco, wood, tile and paper.  What you must find out is how you are supposed to deliver these recyclables; i.e. if the materials can be mixed or if they are to be broken down before delivering.  Sometimes they take broken down stucco, but sometimes they may take entire doors, windows, fixtures, flooring and so on.

It’s not just an option, it’s an obligation!

Non-profit organizations can make use of building supply donations for new construction projects, for spare materials or even for international export.  Remember another important point: in disposing of stucco, when it is “as is” it can actually be dangerous to aquatic life and the earth.  Lime is alkaline and thus poisonous to fish.  On the other hand, larger pieces of waste can actually block or obstruct pipes and cause flooding.

Therefore, it is best to recycle used construction items rather than simply throw them away.  Homeowners must take the initiative in this regard, even if the contractors claim to take care of this process.  Disposing of stucco or other building supplies may even result in a fine if it breaks local laws!  Reuse that great stucco material for new building projects!