You Can Recycle Your Old Surfboard!

That last wave was the best ride of your life, but somewhere in that thrilling rush, your surfboard died a slow and tragic death.  Don’t toss your once beloved board in the trash just because it is broken or damaged!  It deserves better than to be landfill.  Here are a few ideas on what to do with your old board.

Recycling is all the rage, dude!

Seriously, most old boards can be recycled.  If they are just a little dinged up, but still surf-worthy, they can often be donated.  There may be a program in your area that takes older boards, has a volunteer craftsman fix them up (and makes sure they are still watertight) and then gives them to those in need.  Art is another way these boards are finding a new home.  Many artists are using parts of the board, or the entire board for making their latest works of art.  How cool would that board look hanging above your fireplace with all your beach pictures and memorabilia underneath?  Or out near your patio tiki bar, all painted up to match your decor?

Even if the board is completely wasted it doesn’t mean it needs to be landfill.

There are recycling centers that take in these broken boards.  They recycle them, breaking them down to their parts and then reuse them, either to make new surfboards or for other projects such as filler materials.  All you need to do is to go online and find official drop points for these centers.  Take your old board, drop it off and let the recycling company do the rest.

You’ve probably been through a lot of great waves with your old board.  If it is still in usable condition why not let someone else enjoy it?  If it is broken up, you can still appreciate all the waves earth has given you by not letting your surfboard end up in the dump.  Find a recycling center and let your old board be reincarnated as something new!