What to Do With Your Unwanted Working Television

Upgrading your electronics is pretty important. As new technology comes on the market, you’ll need to eventually adopt it to stay current. However, what do you do if you buy a new TV, but there’s nothing wrong with your old television? The answer is to recycle it. You’ll find a number of ways that you can recycle your working television set, as well.

Donate Your Television

One of the best options here is to donate your old TV. If it’s in working order, you can donate it to a charity or to an organization like Goodwill, or even to your local school. When you donate a television, it will go to a new home where it can do some good. Of course, there are companies that will also take your working TV and recover the usable parts before recycling the other components.

Don’t Throw It Out

Whatever you decide to do, you should never toss your old TV out. Chances are good that your garbage service won’t take it anyway, as most cities in the US have stopped accepting television sets because of the toxic metals and chemicals used in their construction. Instead of throwing it out, consider recycling it.

How Recycling a Television Works

Recycling programs that will accept working television sets can be found relatively easily. In many of these instances, the TV you drop off will be sent overseas where the set can be retrofitted, inspected and resold in a new market. In other cases, the tube (the main component of your television) will be melted down and used in other applications. Even the plastic housing can be reclaimed and reused for other applications.

If you have a working television that you no longer need or want, consider donating it or sending it to a company that offers electronics recycling.