A Guide to Recycling Textiles

What is Textile Recycling?

Recycling is something that most people are familiar with. Recycling is being taught in schools, workplaces, and just about everywhere. What some people may not be familiar with is textile recycling. Textiles refer to material made from fiber such as clothing, furniture, carpets, shoes, and so on. Many of your household goods are considered textiles. These textile materials can be just as easily recycled as paper, boxes, plastic bottles, and aluminum cans.

Why Should We Recycle Textiles?

There are many reasons why it is a good idea to recycle textile materials. One of the biggest reasons is to help reduce the amount of garbage being tossed into city landfills. These landfills have become toxic to the environment with the garbage breaking down and allowing harmful chemicals to leak into the air that is breathed by humans all across the world. These landfills are not only toxic and poisonous to us and dangerous for the animals that live in and around the area where the landfills are located. Another reason we should recycle textiles is because it can help us save our resources. These materials can be taken and made into other useful items and can cut the price of goods made from these materials.

How are Textiles Recycled?

While many different methods exist for recycling textiles, the two most commonly used are reuse or donating to charity. Many people gather up their old clothes every few years and donate them to Goodwill stores who sell the clothes at cheap affordable prices for people who do not have a lot of money. Some clothing manufacturers have programs where you can donate the old clothing you bought from the company and they will find ways to reuse it in future products. You can also use the fiber materials in your textiles to make other items you might need around your house.