How to Go about Recycling Tile

What is Tile and what is used for?

One of the most important duties we have as citizens of the world is to take care of the planet that has been entrusted to our care. Many people are beginning to live Green, meaning they are making conscious choices and changes to their lifestyle to help make the planet a healthier and safer place to live. One way we can do that is to recycle tile. Tile is a very versatile item that is mostly used for flooring in homes and for counters in kitchens and bathroom. Tile can be made out of a variety of different materials, including ceramic.

Why do we need to recycle tile?

The main reason tile needs to be recycled is because it can reduce waste and trash that is polluting our environment. When most people throw away old tile, it is discarded with mold and other toxic chemicals that can pollute the ground of dumps and landfills. These chemicals that are released into the atmosphere or into the soil as the tile decomposes can cause animals and plant life to be poisoned. Landfills are also filling up quickly, meaning that soon there will not be enough room to store garbage, and these landfills will begin to expand, wiping out many different types of wildlife in the process.

How is tile recycled?

Recycling tile is a simple process that will not take much time or money. Once you have pulled up all the old tile, store each piece in a cardboard box. After you have the tile stored in the box, call up local building supply companies to see if they would like to take the tile off of your hands. Many of these companies will offer you cash in exchange for your tile. You might also consider donating to schools to be used in art projects.