Short Guide about Recycling Tractor Tires

Tractor Tires

People all over the world who enjoy fresh vegetables like corn owe the bounty of their harvest to farmers. Farmers grow food that is consumed all over by billions of people. Most farmers use modern day pieces of equipment called tractors to help them till the soil and to prepare it for the seeds they are going to plant for their crops. These tractors use very large tires to be mobile and to move across the rough terrain of the crop fields. After a while these tires are subject to some wear and tear and need to be changed. A lot of farmers might end up throwing their old tractor tires out, but in reality they need to be recycled instead.

Reasons for Recycling Tractor Tires

You might be wondering what the big deal is about throwing tractor tires out in the garbage. The big deal is the fact that tractor tires are very large and made of rubber, which could take years and years to break down in the landfills. This means that these large tires will take up tons of space, which most landfills do not have an abundance of anyway. Burned rubber tires that go into the incinerator release toxic chemicals into the air which could add to carbon emissions.

How You Can Recycle Tractor Tires

Before you can recycle your tractor tires, make sure that you clean them thoroughly to remove dirt and animal waste from them. The best way to recycle a tractor tire is to find another use for it. Many people opt to turn a tractor tire into a small garden. Others turn them into sandboxes for their children to play in. There are also programs that are available through local recycling centers that can take the tires and have them used for other purposes.