A Guide to Recycling Tyvek Garments

What is a Tyvek Garment?

Many people around the world are going Green in an effort to save our environment and to help preserve the habitats and wildlife that live here for future generations to enjoy. There are many different types of materials and clothing garments that can recycled including Tyvek garments. Tyvek is a type of high grade high-density polyethylene material that is almost impossible to rip, but can still be easily cut with scissors, knives, and other cutting tools. One of the uses of this material is a Tyvek suit. These suits are used to protect the skin of the wearer from coming into contact with hazardous chemicals, substances, and even dirt and paint. Many individuals use them for dirty jobs around the house.

Why You Should Recycle Your Tyvek Suits

When individuals improperly dispose of their Tyvek suits, the materials go directly to the city dump or landfill. Here the suits simply add to the already mountainous piles of trash that are already in the landfill. This means that as these piles of garbage and waste build up, cities will need more and more land for the trash. This will mean the destruction of many ecosystems in the area. In some places, these suits might be burned and the material goes to waste or the fumes that burn up could damage the atmosphere.

How Tyvek Suits are Recycled

One of the main ways that you can recycle these suits is through recycling programs. You send your suits into the company running the program and they will recycle it for you. Many times the material from your suits is used for other helpful items. Some of the material may go toward making playground equipment, material for building decks, or pipes in various kinds of construction projects, among many others.