Why to Recycle U-Bent Fluorescent Light Bulbs

Though the concept of recycling is not new, many people don’t stop to think about recycling certain products in their homes.  Light bulbs, particularly fluorescent lamps, are very important to our daily lives, but we often simply throw them out when we’re done.  The problem with that isn’t simply that these bulbs make it to a landfill, though this is certainly a concern.  The real problem is that the dangerous components of these fluorescent lamps are released into the environment to wreak havoc.  Though one bulb contains only a small amount of mercury, it’s enough to cause some problems.  If there are several lamps in the landfills, that mercury can seep into the groundwater and bring about mercury poisoning.

Where to Find Recycling Centers

If you want to make a point of recycling your U-bent fluorescent light bulbs, then you can seek out a recycling center near you.  The website http://localhost:8888/rsd will give you several different options, with a comprehensive listing of all the facilities in the city and surrounding area.  You can even find contact information so that you can call ahead to make sure the materials you want to drop off are accepted.

What Happens to the Bulbs?

After you drop off your U-bent fluorescent bulbs for recycling, they will be repurposed in any way possible.  The glass is often used again for new bulbs, as well as any plastic and metal parts.  The mercury will be disposed of safely so that it never finds its way into the air or groundwater where it could pose a danger to humans or wildlife.

It’s vital that we all do our part to recycle our light bulbs so that we can enjoy a brighter future.  If everyone makes the effort, we won’t need to worry about sourcing new materials and running the risk of shortages.