How to Discard of UV Germicidal Fluorescent Lamps

If you have never heard of UV germicidal fluorescent lamps, then do not feel left out. This is not a common term that is used among every day speak. However, the type of light is more common than you may realize. These lamps are used in numerous situations, but their disposal should be handled properly. If it is not, then it could lead to a great deal of harm. Here is what you need to know about UV germicidal fluorescent lamps.

What They Are

UV germicidal fluorescent lamps are a very particular type of light that is uses ultraviolet rays. These rays are a way to sanitize the air and surfaces in the area. That means these kinds of lamps are used in situations that need to be sanitary, like hospitals and laboratories. In addition, these types of lamps play a very important role in creating ozone which is needed and used to sanitize and treat water.

Why Should They Be Recycled

Of course, you may be wondering why these types of lamps cannot be thrown in the trash. The problem is that UV germicidal fluorescent lamps make use of mercury. Mercury is a metal and an element that is known to cause a number of different problems for humans and animals. Since it is a neurotoxin, mercury will lead to many different brain damaging conditions. If the lamps are not discarded in the proper way, the mercury could be a poison to the environment.

How They are Recycled

The main thing about handling the UV germicidal fluorescent lamps would be that they must be discarded of in a way that the mercury will not get into the air. For this to happen, the lamps need to be taken to a qualified recycling center that is designed to manage them.

When you have to discard of UV germicidal fluorescent lamps, then you need to discard of them properly for your safety and for the safety of others.