Recycling Used Wire

Copper is one of the most valuable building materials in the world. It is technically a precious metal, though it is much more common than the other precious metals. Copper wire can be recycled into many different products. Of course, they can easily be made into more copper wire, which is always in high demand. Wires of other types, such as those that are not used to carry electricity, are also highly recyclable.

Why Recycle?

While mining is a very important industry, it is also a very environmentally unsound industry. This is why metal recycling is so important. Mining is also an extremely expensive enterprise. Recycling items such as wire allows building materials to be manufactured for much lower prices than they can be out of new materials. By recycling wire, you’re not only helping the earth, you’re also helping people get a hold of more affordable building materials.

How It’s Recycled

Assuming that wire is being reclaimed following the demolition of the building, there will be many different types involved. The most valuable will generally be the copper wire used for the electrical system. This wire will have to be stripped down of its insulation. This is generally done by heat. After the copper wire is exposed, it is simply melted down and, if needed, purified so that it is up to standards.

There are very few limitations on the recycling of metals such as copper. Like other precious metals, it is incredibly durable and can be used over and over again for the same or different purposes for which it was originally employed. Copper is also exceptionally valuable and many recycling plants will pay you to bring it in. If you are tearing out wiring in your home, be sure to bring down any copper wire that you recover to your local recycler.