Innovative Black Mountain Ranch Recycling

If you are living in Black Mountain Ranch, chances are you already know the importance of sustainable living and the green movement. This community, located in San Diego just south of the Santa Fe Valley, has embraced sustainable living standards from its very inception, retaining open green spaces and protecting them with easements for public use. Community parks are a big part of living in Black Mountain Ranch, and the permanent protection of the land is just one piece of why this community is so dedicated to sustainability, including recycling.

Sustainable Building

Many people don’t realize that building materials can be reclaimed and recycled. There are builders and contractors who specialize in architectural waste and reclaiming old materials. When this community was built, there was a focus on using reclaimed materials to build the irrigation system, the reservoir, and creating homes with responsible, green models. When you are doing work on your home in Black Mountain Ranch, consider not only using reclaimed materials in your remodeling project, but also donating or selling your old materials to a firm that uses reclaimed architectural waste.

Think Before You Toss

There are a lot of different ways you can recycle, and they don’t all involve putting your items in your car and toting them around town looking for a friendly recycling center to take them off your hands. You can find ways to repurpose your recyclables inside your home, even if you are dealing with bulkier items, or unique pieces like tiling or old bathtubs. There are creative craft ideas you can tackle, or ways to keep using your plastic and glass containers.

Cut Back On Consumption

Recycling allows you to save money while you save the environment. For example, tearing up worn out towels and t-shirts for rags will save you from having to use paper towels, cutting back on your paper consumption. Buy a couple of cloth bags for the grocery store, and you’ll stop bringing home plastic and paper bags every trip.

Community Center Info:

Black Mountain Ranch Community Center

9353 Oviedo St.
San Diego, CA 92129
Phone: (858) 538-8128

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