What Should You Know about Grantville Recycling?

Grantville is a neighborhood located in eastern San Diego. It is contained within the Navajo area, and is close to Allied Gardens, Del Cerro and San Carlos, as well. For residents of Grantville, recycling programs are available, but you might need a bit more information about what’s available in order to take advantage of these programs.

Common Household Items

Many common household items can be recycled, and the city of San Diego offers Grantville recycling services. You’ll find that the city’s curbside service allows you to put many common items in bins along the roadside at your home for pickup throughout the week. Items that can be recycled through this program include glass, plastic, aluminum cans and paper. However, you cannot use this program for clothing, for ceramics, batteries, medical supplies, propane tanks or glassware. Generally, the items need to have the recognized recyclable symbol on them to be disposed of in this way.

Other Items

Grantville recycling options for other items is available, though it is not quite so convenient. You will find that you can donate electronics for recycling or refurbishment. Goodwill is probably the most easily accessible option for disposing of electronics, and you can also donate clothing, shoes and numerous other items here for reuse.

You can dispose of some hazardous items through local recycling programs as well. The city does not handle items like oil, antifreeze, batteries or tires, except by appointment through the HHW recycling center. You can call 858-694-7000 to make an appointment. You can also ask for more information about Grantville recycling centers closer to you that might accept these items.

Finally, if you have automotive waste (oil, antifreeze, batteries and the like), you can usually dispose of it through automotive service centers in the city.

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