Midtown Recycling – San Diego Recycling Programs for Residents

Midtown San Diego is a large neighborhood that runs from Banker’s Hill in the south to the San Diego Freeway, Washington Street and Park Boulevard. It covers the 92103 zip code and 163 cuts through almost through the center of the neighborhood. For those in Midtown looking for recycling options, there are quite a few choices available.

The City Offers Services

Like most metropolitan areas in the nation, you’ll find that the city of San Diego offers Midtown recycling programs throughout the week. Residents can use the city’s services to recycle things like glass, paper, plastic and more. However, the city does not handle hazardous items, such as automotive batteries, tires and the like. For things of that nature, you’ll need to look a bit farther afield.

Midtown Recycling for Specialty Items

If you need to have an automotive battery or other hazardous item recycled, the best option is to work with a specialist. For instance, AutoZone will take old batteries off your hands, while Old Town Recycling will take care of almost anything, including eWaste.

Other Midtown recycling options open t you include Riley Recycling located on Broadway, SA Recycling out on Commercial Street and American Recycling on Home Avenue. Lifespan Recycling Co is located on Lovelock Street and you’ll find IMS Recycling Services over on Main Street. Some of these are just outside the neighborhood, but they do provide help for residents.

If you have hazardous fluids that need to be recycled, you can usually take them in to any auto service center, including “quick-stop” oil change centers and automotive dealerships (for fluids like oil and antifreeze). Most of these locations will also accept automotive and marine batteries for recycling.

As you can see, there are numerous options for those in need of Midtown recycling help.

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