Mission Valley Recycling Options Defined

Mission Valley is part of the larger San Diego city area, and is served by the 92108 zip code. Mission Valley recycling centers and drop off  points have expanded in recent years, thanks in large part to the city’s dedication to provide residents with easy recycling services.

Provisions from the City

Perhaps the most common option is to use the curbside recycling services provided by the city of San Diego. You’ll find that this service allows you to simply place your recyclable materials in a bin by the side of the road once per week. You can recycle many household items through this program, including plastics, glass items, paper, cardboard and even aluminum cans.

There are also drop off points throughout Mission Valley for recycling. Drop off points are provided within many area parks, but there is also a large HHW recycling center operated within the city. However, the center might not be within a reasonable driving distance for Mission Valley residents, so other options have been developed. Numerous retail companies have also begun offering recycling programs for residents of the area.

What to Do with Hazardous Waste

Disposing of hazardous waste can be difficult. A number of common items can be deemed hazardous, including thermometers that contain mercury, automotive and household batteries, paint, pesticides, tires and motor oil. There are options for residents of Mission Hills for recycling these, though. The HHW operated by Allan Company will accept these items by appointment only (call 858-694-7000). You can also use area retailers in many instances.

For example, you can take used oil to an area auto part store, or to an automotive service center for disposal. As a note, you do not usually receive a buyback on any hazardous material, and in some cases there will be a fee for disposing of the item.

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