Morena Recycling Options Offer Benefits

Morena is a neighborhood in the greater city of San Diego, and is home to the University of San Diego. It’s bounded by I-5 on the west and by Tecolote Canyon Park to the north. In the south, it stops just shy of I-8. Other areas of interest within this neighborhood include Torero Stadium and Jenny Craig Pavilion. For residents of Morena, recycling options have become more widely available in recent years.

Solutions from the City

Perhaps the most convenient option in Morena for recycling is the range of services offered by the city of San Diego. The city provides pickup services for area residents via special bins that can be left at the side of the road. However, these services are only available for common household recyclables, which includes paper, plastic, glass, aluminum and cardboard. You cannot recycle hazardous waste through the curbside recycling service.

Where to Take Hazardous Waste

If you find that you need to dispose of hazardous waste for recycling, you do have a few options. For instance, the HHW Center provides services for recycling things like automotive batteries, motor oil, items that contain mercury and even pesticides. You will have to make an appointment by calling 858-694-7000 and then take the items in for recycling.

Morena recycling options also include other solutions for those who need to get rid of hazardous items. For example, if you need to dispose of tires, you can often take them to an automotive service provider, who will recycle them for a small fee. You can also drop off used automotive and marine batteries at these location, often at no charge.

Morena recycling options have certainly grown in recent years, and more are on the way. You’ll find a range of different solutions open to you, though many will require that you bring your items in.

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