Information about Recycling in the Pacific Highlands Ranch Neighborhood

Geography and Basic Information

The Pacific Highlands Ranch community is located in the northern part of the city of San Diego, California. The entire area is comprised of about 2,652 acres of land that has been developed into a great residential community. Over 1,000 acres of this area has been set aside for use as a natural habitat reserve. This helps to preserve the environment along with the animals that call that particular habitat their home. The Pacific Highlands Ranch neighborhood is located close by the Fairbanks Ranch and Rancho Santa Fe areas to its north and the Del Mar Mesa to the south. Over 4,000 people live in this neighborhood, and there are over 1600 households in the area.

Recycling Programs

Taking care of the environment has been one of the top priorities for the entire city of San Diego. Everyone is making sacrifices and changing their lifestyles so that they can recycle and prevent garbage from piling up in landfills and from the soil and water supplies being contaminated by chemicals. There are a number of great recycling centers that are located close by the Pacific Highlands Ranch community that have great recycling programs.

One of the recycling centers in the area is called Computer Waste Management. This particular center helps individuals who have old computers properly dispose of them without sending them to landfills. When you bring your old computers to the center, you will need to pay a fee and then Computer Waste Management will take care of the rest for you!

Another great recycling program is the one offered by the Resource Management Group. This company helps businesses recycle cardboard, metal, and plastic materials. This prevents garbage from being delivered to landfills, where it will pile up over time, and when it does eventually breakdown the chemicals used to make the items, could poison the ground. The company only uses a landfill as an absolute last resort for your waste material.

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