A Guide to Recycling in Palm City

Geographical Information

The Palm City neighborhood is located in beautiful, sunny San Diego, California. The area is in a prime location, with Otay Mesa West just to the south of the neighborhood, and to the east is the Egger Highlands area. This particular neighborhood in San Diego is located close by several beach cities, which means that if you own a home in this area you are a short drive away from the beautiful ocean waves and warm sandy beaches. Along with being placed in a great location, the neighborhood also has a great public school system for people who live in the area. Parents in this community usually send their children to the South Bay Union School District.

Recycling Information

One of the most important aspects of life in Palm City and the whole of San Diego is taking care of the environment. Each and every day tons of garbage is dumped in landfills. These landfills are filling up quickly, and the junk they are being filled with does not easily break down. Much of the garbage that is dumped contains chemicals or other types of material that is considered to be bad for the environment and can poison water supplies and soil. As landfills continue to grow larger, they will need more land for expansion. This means many awesome animal and plant species could be made homeless.

One of the ways people are combating this problem in Palm City is through the recycling program at One Earth Recycling center. At this particular facility, you can recycle plastic bottles, glass, aluminum cans, scrap metal, televisions, cell phones, and all other types of electronics. Individuals who live in Palm City who are wanting to drop off their recyclable materials can make a drop anytime between eight o’clock in the morning to six in the evening.

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