Recycling in the San Diego Area

If you don’t currently recycle items you no longer need, there are many reasons why you should. Recycling helps save the planet in two ways. First it prevents items from ending up in landfills, but it also prevents new resources from having to be harvested to make brand new products. It’s not that hard for the benefits it provides everyone on the planet now and in the future.

Why Recycle

Recycling benefits people, the planet and the animals that live here. When you have an item that you no longer need and simply throw it away, do you know where it goes once your trash man picks it up?

It usually is going to go to a landfill where it may sit in a pile with other trash, and it may end up in the ocean where it can damage or kill fish and other sea life. If it’s not biodegradable, and most things are not, it will be in that same pile of trash, or the ocean, or wherever it ends up forever. Now imagine how many things you throw away each day. You are one of 6 billion people on this planet. Think about it for a second.

Now, when you recycle those same items, they not only do not end up in that landfill, but they are made into new products. These new products are not made from new products. Recycling is a great way to contribute to the environment.

If you are in San Diego, you can recycle at Redwood Village Recycling, where your recyclables will have new life breathed into them. You no longer have to worry that your plastic water bottle will end up in an ocean far away, or that the plastic from your lunch will harm some innocent animals. Recycling prevents that.

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