All You Need to Know about Recycling Programs in Roseville-Fleetridge Areas

Geographical Information for Roseville-Fleetridge

The Roseville-Fleetridge area is one of many neighborhoods that are part of the larger community known as the Point Loma area of San Diego, California. Many of the residents who live in homes located in the Roseville-Fleetridge section of Point Loma use the 92106 and 92107 ZIP Codes as part of their address. Roseville-Fleetridge is located near several other popular neighborhoods in the Point Loma area, including the Loma Portal neighborhood just to the north and Sunset Cliffs to the west. The Roseville-Fleetridge area is actually two separate, distinct neighborhoods, but is usually put together by the Point Loma community as both neighborhoods are policed by the same police force.

Recycling Programs

There are a lot of great recycling centers and programs in the Roseville-Fleetridge area designed to help the city of San Diego have cleaner air, water, and to protect wildlife and plant life from being poisoned by pollutants. One of the many recycling centers in the area is the SA Recycling company. One of the reasons this particular center has become so popular with the residents of the Roseville-Fleetridge area is that they pay residents for their recyclable waste materials. SA Recycling accepts a lot of different types of materials, including aluminum cans, plastic bottles, glass bottles, appliances, and even automobiles. You are required to bring these materials to a location where they will be weighed, and you will be paid a certain amount of money per pound of the specific type of waste material you are recycling.

Another popular recycling program and center close by is the IMS Recycling Services company. This company offers services for both residential, contractors, and industrial businesses. They take a wide variety of different materials, including nickel, plastics, titanium, cardboard, metal turnings, copper, paper, radiators, stainless steel and computers.

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