Recycling in Sabre Springs

If you don’t recycle, there are many reasons why you should, starting with the fact that it helps the environment in many ways, but it also gives you a feeling of purpose, as if you are doing your part for your community, and your world.

Where Does Everything All Go?

Almost all items are recyclable, and can be reused and turned into other products and made into new goods that can then be reused or even sold for profit. Of course there is bad news as well.  A lot of your stuff doesn’t even make it to the plants to be turned into something new. All that stuff you throw away ends up in a land fill somewhere.

It’s not just paper products that get thrown out every single day. Glass bottles, steel and aluminum cans, and a lot of plastics are items that a lot of people simply throw in the garbage. Even if it can be recycled, at that point it ends up in landfills, and while some paper products are biodegradable, what’s not will sit there forever. By this point, the damage is already done, and can be difficult if not impossible to reverse.

If you live in the 92128 zip code of Sabre Springs in San Diego, there are plenty of places to recycle, and you should take advantage of them in order to save the environment, and help the planet.

Places like Replanet Recycling, a center that aims to make recycling fun for adults and kids of all ages. It’s a great place to teach your kids about the benefits of saving the Earth.

Economy Used Boxes will gladly take all you boxes and packing materials if you are going to throw them away.

Whatever you have, whether paper, plastic, cans or glass can usually be recycled with very little effort.

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