San Carlos Recycling Solutions for You

San Carlos is located in eastern San Diego, and is close to other neighborhoods, such as Del Cerro and Allied Gardens. This largely residential area is home to a wide range of San Carlos recycling options, though some homeowners might need a bit of help in locating the right solution for their particular needs.

San Diego Recycling Services

The city of San Diego offers curbside recycling services for residents of San Carlos. Recycling is only offered on certain types of items, though. Shredded paper (bagged) can be recycled, as can plastic bottles, glass bottles and jars. Other items that are accepted by the pickup program include cardboard, phonebooks, magazines, plastic toys and metal cans.

However, you cannot use this San Carlos recycling program to take care of things like batteries, clothing, ceramics, oil, antifreeze, medical waste or plastic bags. You will need to use a different recycling solution for these items.

The HHW Center

The San Diego HHW center accepts a very wide range of items for recycling, including many hazardous items. However, this is only offered by appointment only, so it might not be as convenient as other solutions. You can call 858-694-7000 to make an appointment. The service will also be able to offer additional information about San Carlos recycling companies and drop off points closer to you for more convenience.

What Is Considered Hazardous?

In order to be responsible and do your part to green up the city, you’ll need to know what is considered hazardous. Anything that contains mercury is hazardous, as is motor oil and antifreeze. Household, automotive and marine batteries are also problematic, though you can drop these off with auto part stores and automotive service providers pretty easily. There are also retail recycling companies that will accept these items for a fee.

Community Center Info:

San Carlos Community Center

6445 Lake Badin Avenue
San Diego, CA 92119
Phone: (619) 527-3443

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