Many Places to Recycle in Shelter Island

If you live in the zip code of 92106 in the Shelter Island area of San Diego, you’ll be glad to know that there are many places where you can drop of your recyclables to either be repurposed or reused. Recycling Centers include:

  • I Love a Clean San Diego
  • HC Supply
  • Old Town Recycling
  • Riley Recycling
  • IMS Recycling Services Inc
  • Lifespan Recycling Co Inc
  • SA Recycling

After looking at this list, you should easily be able to find a place that will take all of your recyclables.

Why Recycle?

A better question is why not recycle? If you consider the fact that our landfills are becoming more and more full each day, and animals and their habitats are being destroyed because of our trash, recycling is the only answer that really makes any sense.

What do you think happens to your plastic bottles and cans when you throw them away? If you’re like many people, you may think out of site, out of mind, but the reality is that they don’t just disappear, they have to go somewhere.

That somewhere is in our oceans and other large bodies of water, where it damages sea life and pollutes our water sources. The problem is that as it gets more and more out of control it becomes harder and harder to reverse the damage. Remember the Earth is only so big, and as our population continues to grow, the amount of trash and waste we use continues to grow as well. We can continue to throw trash away, but someday it will be too late, and there won’t be anything we can do to stop it.

Recycling is one solution to that problem, and one that anyone and everyone can do, no matter what their lifestyle, habits, or other traits.

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