You Can Make Use of Torrey Highlands Recycling

Have you been recycling? If you have not, then you definitely need to have a change of heart. Throwing items away is bad for the environment. Think about how many bags of trash you throw out every week. Even if it is just two bags of trash a week, that would be 104 bags of trash. That equals to more than a thousand gallons of trash you are throwing away a year at minimum. Think about how much space all of this trash will be talking up in the landfills. Since most of that waste is not biodegradable, then it will all stay in those landfills for thousands and thousands of years. Landfills are already overflowing. You need to make the decision to recycle, and if you live in Torrey Highlands, then you have options.

Places to Go

In the 92130 zip code, you have access to all of the recycling centers in San Diego. Even if you do not want to drive across town, you can still recycle in your area. This can mean you can drop off your recycling on your way to work or on the way to the grocery store. It does not have to be hard. Right near you, you can visit the following:

  • Recycle San Diego
  • Evergreen Nursery
  • eWaste Drop Off Events

What to Do

Now that you know where to go, your next step is to know what to do. It is quite simple. Different locations offer different recycling options, so you will need to know who will recycle what. In addition, you will need to know what hours the centers are open so that you will be able to visit at the right time.

Recycling is something that we should all be doing, and in the Torrey Highlands area, it is not hard at all.

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