Recycling in Valencia Park

The Valencia Park community, which is located to the southeast of the downtown area of San Diego, is located in the 92114 zip code.  Many of the residents in this area have begun to discover the importance of recycling, especially since the city has made a point of encouraging cleaner and greener habits.  It’s important to take the initiative and become a leader in your neighborhood, reminding everyone that we’re doing this not just for ourselves, but also for future generations.  There are several recycling centers in the area, making it easy for you to take care of the recyclables quickly and efficiently.

Where to Find Recycling Centers

Many of the recycling centers located in and around the 92114 zip code deal with the regular household recyclables that you produce every day.  This includes most plastics, glass, paper, and aluminum or other metals.  You can collect your own recyclables, separate and clean them, and then deliver them all to the recycling companies.  Many may even provide a small fee to you for turning your bottles and cans, so be sure you ask.  These companies near Valencia Park include IMS Recycling Services, Inc., Edco Recycling, American Recycling, SA Recycling, and Amermex Recycling.

Other Recycling and Disposal Centers

If you need to find a recycling or disposal center that can deal with something other than the usual household materials, you can turn to Recycle San Diego.  The website, http://localhost:8888/rsd, provides comprehensive listings of the recycling and disposal centers throughout the city and surrounding area.  Here is where you will find listings for those companies that collect live trees and yard waste, cooking and motor oil, aggregates and fill dirt, and many other unusual items that must be disposed of properly.  You can get the contact information for each company from the website so you can call ahead to verify collection times.

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