Simplifying Life So You Can Focus On The Business Of Your Business

Recycle San Diego is your local leader in electronics waste recycling for small to medium sized businesses. Whether you have 1 or 200 employees, we are at your disposal (pun intended) to provide solutions for you!

We can provide a CERTIFICATE OF RECYCLING, which releases you from all liability and puts the burden of safe recycling on us. This documented information is important for your tax records and/or contesting any claims. Let us help you save your business from having to navigate through the complex and time-consuming process of managing your e-waste collection. We can even set up an event at your business to assist in participating with various Green E-Waste initiatives for you and your employees.

Lowest Cost Possible

We utilize state of the art recycling technology that drives the cost of disposal down. By being the largest San Diego collector of electronics we are able to maximize the value of obsolete electronics through volume. We bring the savings of disposal to you by offering our recycling services for free in many instances. In addition, since we are local, we can pick up your electronics or you can drop them off at one of our convenient locations throughout San Diego.

Pick up Service

Pickup service for large amounts of e-waste is usually free. With smaller quantities, we can arrange pickup and removal for a nominal fee at competitive pricing. With our pickup service your removal and e-waste recycling service is done to ease the burden of your busy schedule and still remain environmentally conscious.


“We have been using Recycle San Diego for the disposal of our old electronics and even some destruction of hard drives for quite a few years now. Everyone I’ve ever met there are very welcoming and helpful. They make everything so simple for us and are very convenient and affordable. I look forward to working with them in years to come.”

Vanessa Leonard, Warehouse Manager
September 20, 2012