South Encanto

Why South Encanto Recycling Is Important

South Encanto is in the Encanto community of San Diego, falling solidly within the 92114 zip code. This means there are several recycling centers located in this area and in the surrounding communities, making it easier than ever for you to join the green movement. You might even become a leader in your neighborhood, encouraging others to leave a better planet for future generations.

Find a Recycling company in the South Encanto area

Recycling isn’t hard, but it can be a little time consuming. You should be sure you are separating the materials to the best of your ability. At that point, you’ll need to find the right recycling facility to take the recyclables off your hands.

Best Recycling Facilities
in Your Area

Most of the recycling centers in this area take the standard recycling materials, such as glass, plastic, paper, and aluminum. These include Federal Recycling, IMS Recycling Services, Inc., and Edco Recycling. If you have larger or hazardous items, you may need to call ahead to make sure these centers can accept them. If not, there is no need to take them to the dup. There are still plenty of facilities in the area that can take these items off your hands.

Finding Other Recycling Assistance

For help with your larger items or hazardous waste, you can seek out the assistance that Recycle San Diego can bring you. The website, http://localhost:8888/rsd, can provide you with a comprehensive listing of all the recycling centers and disposal services in the area. You can find the right centers for your live trees, fill dirt, aggregate, cooking and motor oil, tires, and many other items.

Along with the listings, you’ll also find contact information. This will make it easy for you to call ahead to determine that the center will accept your items. You can also verify business hours, which could save you a lot of irritation.