Pic2Founded in 2006, Recycle San Diego is San Diego’s leader in universal waste recycling. Twelve full-time employees work from Kearny Mesa Headquarters, providing electronics, battery, and light bulb recycling services for our community.

Mr. Harding was awarded with the 25 in their 20’s Emerging Generation award which recognizes 25 San Diego leaders in their 20s by the San Diego Business Journal.  Recycle San Diego is also distinguished by its flawless A+ rating from the Better Business Bureau.  In 2014, Mr. Harding spoke at the Industrial Environmental Association – San Diego annual conference to provide his insights on the current state of the universal waste problems we face as a community.

Our successful Partners Together business model looks to establish sustainable universal waste collection programs. Our services include universal waste strategy and planning for small and medium-sized business in the greater San Diego area. Our customer-centric culture sets the bar for strategic business partnerships, resulting in high customer-retention rate and an environment where people and our community prosper.

Each speech topic last about thirty minutes and includes a pop quiz and prizes.

Topics Include:

  What Are Universal Waste Electronics, Light Bulbs, and Batteries?

  • A look at Title 22 California law regarding the management of universal waste.

  How to Host a Successful Electronics Recycling Event for your Company

  • One way to encourage recycling for your customers or tenants is to host an event. We look at past successful e-waste events and how your company can host a turnkey annual event.

  Best Management Practices of Universal Waste Electronics

  • This is a simple look at how a company can implement a basic best management policy and the type of resources needed.

  Best Management Practices of Universal Waste Mercury Containing Lamps

  • How your company can implement best management practices and the type of equipment needed to safeguard unwanted releases of mercury into the environment.

  Best Management Practices of Universal Waste Batteries

  • How your company can implement best management practices for handling spent batteries to prevent fire and economic loss.

  How to Survive an EPA Inspection – What Inspectors Look For

  • What to expect when a DTSC inspector arrives.

  End-of-Life Data Destruction Policies – Safeguarding Personal Information

  • Many companies know how to protect data up to the point of disposal.  What you need to know about how to properly choose the right data destruction policy for your company.

  IT Asset Management – Getting  The Most Cash Value for IT Assets

  • Not all unwanted electronics are just scrap value.  Learn about what types of electronics still hold value and how to arrange a relationship to maximize the value of those IT assets through consignment or outright purchase.

    Have a different IT topic in mind? Just ask us!