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Battery Recycling Kit
5 Gallon

  • Holds up to 70 pounds of dry cell alkaline batteries, rechargeable lithium ion, NiCAD, or NiMH batteries. Common battery types are: AA, AAA, C, D, power tool, laptop, cellphone, camera batteries, plus all handheld electronics such as cellphones, iPods, and PDAs which can be included in this kit.
  • The price per pound is just $0.78. Buy 5 Kits and save an additional 10%! Competitor prices average $1.47/lbs! We save you money by using our own delivery staff.
  • Our battery recycling kit includes delivery of the container and pickup when full. You will have two years to fill the container and call us for pickup. Our delivery and pickup time is two business days. Our service area is San Diego County only.
  • When we receive the kit you will be issued a Certificate of Recycling documenting the weight and inventory of items received.
  • Our recycling container is made up of 100% recyclable high density polyethylene which can withstand temperatures up to 180°F. Store this kit near the reception area, warehouse, or in storage closets. This kit makes it easy to promote recycling among your staff and benefit the environment. Encourage your staff to bring in batteries from home to recycle!

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