The EPA estimates that only about 28% of all eWaste gets recycled.  Sadly, the remainder ends up in local landfills where lead, mercury, and other toxic substances can leach into the soil.

Recycle San Diego has fought since 2006 to reverse this trend and educate residential consumers on how they can recycle their eWaste safely, responsibly, and legally by participating in one of the many weekend eWaste recycling events that are held in rotating venues across San Diego County.  Recycle San Diego is proud to declare that since 2006 over 7,500,000 pounds of eWaste has been recycled from over 50,000 households.

Wonder why e-waste events are not happening closer to you?  Read:  Why E-Waste Events No Longer Happen in San Diego.

E-waste Recycling Opportunities:

Recycle San Diego has over 19 locations for you to dispose of e-waste.