Harborview Recycling

How You Can Get Started Recycling

If you have been thinking of recycling, but you just have never gotten started, then you should think about it now. There is so much that you can help just by making the decision to recycle. Even if it seems overwhelming or seems like it would be a hassle, keep in mind that recycling is not hard at all and it can help you out. Here is everything that you need to know so that you can get started using Harborview recycling centers.

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Step One is Know
Your Recyclables

Many people do not even know what they can recycle. They think that the only recyclable would be aluminum cans, but there is much more that you can take to the centers. Here are some of the things that you can recycle when you make use of Harborview recycling centers.

  • Paper goods – newspapers, typing paper, and mixed papers
  • Plastics – plastic bottles, plastic jars, plastic bags and plastic wrap
  • Glass – glass jars and glass bottles
  • Automotive – old tires, vehicle fluids, oil filters, and old cars
  • Dangerous liquids – pesticides, paint, paint thinner, glue and sealants
  • Construction materials – drywall, wooden beams, shingles, and steel

Step Two is Know Where to Recycle

Once you know what you have that you can recycle, then you will need to know where to take those recyclables. Harborview recycling centers offer a wide variety of recycling options. Each of the centers will recycle a different set of things, so you will need to choose the right centers for the things that you want to recycle. Many of these centers offer convenient hours or 24-hour drop offs so that recycling will be all the more easy for you.

You can get started recycling and making use of the Harborview recycling centers today. This can be a big step for the environment.