Lake Murray

Important Information about Lake Murray Recycling

If you live, work or simply vacation in the gorgeous Lake Murray area just outside of San Diego, you will probably want to know how to find Lake Murray recycling facilities. Interestingly enough, you will find that your best options for Lake Murray recycling are just outside of the immediate area and in two different neighborhoods – the El Cajon neighborhood (the 92121 zip code area) or the La Mesa region (the 91942 zip code area).

Find a Recycling company in the Lake Murray area

Which is the best? The La Mesa facilities are a bit closer, and include the popular EDCO option. This is a full service location and is also known as the EDCO Station Buyback Center. Located at 8184 Commercial Street, it will buy back or accept freely every category of recyclable. That means that you can bring metal of any kind, plastic of any kind, glass, paper of any kind, cardboard, appliances, and electronics too!

The Other Location for
Lake Murray Recycling

There are also the Tomra Pacific Recycling locations in El Cajon, one at Jamacha Road and the other along North Second Street. Both take the standard recyclables such as cans, glass, and plastic containers. In the El Cajon area there is also the All Ways Recycling location at 1425 Magnolia Avenue and this is one that does take a larger array of materials. The American Recycling facility is also convenient and set along El Cajon Boulevard.
Currently, there are no listings for any Household Hazardous Waste locations, but the city has a HHW facility available by appointment when you call 858-694-7000. This is a good option for those in need of a location to bring old paint, light bulbs, batteries, car oil, antifreeze, and any other products that cannot be safely tossed into a landfill or recycled in the traditional centers listed above.