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City of Coronado Public Works – Coronado Residence Only


Open Saturdays

The City of Coronado is open Saturdays from 10am – 2pm to recycle your electronic waste, batteries, and light bulbs.  Only “e-waste” from residences of Coronado can take advantage of the program.  Simply bring proof of residency with your waste.

*See the Holiday Schedule Below.

Additional Information

Feel free to click on the button below to learn more information about this eWaste Drop-Off Location.

Items Accepted Flyer

Recycling Hours
Tuesday CLOSED
Wednesday CLOSED
Thursday CLOSED
Saturday 10:00am – 2:00pm

Examples of what you MAY bring

Aerosol cans – Household cleaners – Disinfectants – Drain opener – Mothballs – Herbicides – Pesticides – Rodent poison – Paint – Paint thinner – Varnish – Glues – Turpentine – Barbecue lighter fluid – Batteries – Electronic waste (computer monitors, TVs, etc.} – Automobile fluids (waste oil, gasoline, anti-freeze, brake fluid, etc.) – Pool chemicals – Water seal – Appliances – Fluorescent lamps – Sharps (needles/syringes must be in a rigid container) – All products marked: DANGER, WARNING, TOXIC, CAUTION, POISON, FLAMMABLE, CORROSIVE, or REACTIVE.

Do NOT bring : Bio-Hazardous (red bag) Waste, Controlled Substances, Explosives, Radioactive Materials, or Business Waste. To inquire about disposal of these items, call County HMMD at (619} 338-2231.

Holiday Schedule:

The HHW facility will be closed the Saturday before a Monday holiday:

• Memorial Day
• Labor Day and

The Saturday closest to:

• Easter
• Thanksgiving
• Independence Day
• Christmas
• New Year’s Day

If a holiday falls in the middle of the week, check the City website or call Public Services (619) 522-7380 for the Saturday closure.

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