Ocean View Hills

Recycling Efforts in Ocean View Hills

You may be concerned with the impact that you and your family are having on the environment. One great way to lessen your environmental impact is to start recycling at home, which is easier than you may think. Many people avoid recycling because they believe it is too much work, and too complicated to understand, but it doesn’t have to be. So many of the items that we use in everyday life are recyclable, and that means that if you don’t recycle at all, you are missing out on a huge opportunity.

Find a Recycling company in the Ocean View Hills area

Household Recycling

You can begin your recycling efforts in the home with ordinary household items like plastic containers, glass containers, paper, and aluminum. At the Montgomery-Waller Community Center, for example, there are drop-off points for these items. You can take your items and leave them in the bins available for community use. It is as easy as sorting the items and putting them in the correct place. If you have automobile related items or fluids that need to be recycled, you can contact Ecology Auto Parts, El Tapatio Auto Wrecking, Brown Field Truck & Van Dismantling, or participate in any of the free auto product recycling events in the area.

Find a Recycling Center

If you still can’t find what you’re looking for in Ocean View Hills, there is another option. You can use the Recycle San Diego web site, located at http://localhost:8888/rsd, to find a recycling center that handles the items you want to recycle. Recycle San Diego has created a searchable database that contains the names, addresses, and contact information for all the city’s recycling centers, so you can search by location or object and find exactly what you’re looking for. More can be recycled than you think, including construction waste from remodels, live plants, household hazardous waste, and electronics.