Recycling Phone Books

The Importance of Recycling Phone Books

As with any other paper goods, phone books can be recycled. Too many people toss them, especially in this technological age when contact information can be found on the Internet. If you have phone books in your home or receive phone books that you know you will never use, it is wise to dispose of them properly with a recycling center so that the paper can be repurposed. This keeps phone books out of landfills, which in turn makes the world a better, cleaner place.

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What Happens to
Recycled Phone Books?

As with recycling any paper, phone books can be broken down and repurposed. The paper is often used again for new phone books, especially as the fibers are weakened with each recycling procedure. The chemicals used to break the paper down so that it can be reformed into new paper don’t allow the paper fibers to retain their strength. In most cases, phone books are printed on paper that has already been recycled. The good news is that paper can be used several times in several different incarnations before it becomes too weak to use again.

Where to Recycle

When you’re ready to recycle your phone books or any other items you have in your home, be sure to check with Recycle San Diego. You’ll find several different collection centers throughout the city, and each with specialized collection procedures. Some of the facilities are in place specifically to gather hazardous waste, while others are good choices for your general recycling needs.

Before you cart everything to the nearest center, be sure to call and verify business hours. While most keep regular hours, you don’t want to get a surprise when you arrive to see locked doors. You can also ensure that collection of your items is free, though most take paper goods at no charge.

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