Recycling Tires

Why You Should Recycle Old Tires

People today are waking up more and more to the fact that we have not been doing a good job of taking care of our planet. In recent years people have begun to make changes to their lifestyles that will help to reduce the amount of garbage and litter that is being left on the planet. One of the most important items that needs to be recycled is tires. Tires are used on many different types of vehicles and are what enable the vehicle to move smoothly across roads. Tires are also used on aircraft and other vehicles that help us with transportation.

The reason that tires need to be recycled is that they are one of the world’s largest sources of waste and have begun to pile up in landfills all across the world. Tires can take many, many years before they start to break down if they truly ever do. This means that a large majority of the garbage filling up landfills is made up of tires. As landfills begin to build up, additional land will be needed for more landfills. When land is cleared for a landfill, it means that animals and plant life will slowly disappear as their resources are drained away. In order for our children to have a healthy, clean planet with lots of wildlife to enjoy, tires must be recycled and the waste going to landfills must be reduced.

There are many different ways that tires can be recycled. There are many programs at the state level that allow you to turn in your tires to be recycled. When you drop off your used tires at these programs, they will take your tires and make sure they are turned into other useful products like hot melt asphalt, gas, oils, and much more.

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