Recycling Tree

How Recycling Tree Trimmings Can Benefit the Environment

What are tree trimmings?
Recycling is an important part of taking care of our planet and making sure that it is healthy for generations to come. When many people think of recycling they tend to think of traditional recyclable items like plastic bottles, paper, and aluminum cans. Not many individuals are aware that just about anything can recycled, including tree trimmings. Tree trimmings are the branches and leaves that are cut off of trees by landscapers or city maintenance crews. There are many different reasons for trimming the trees within a city or town. Some trees are trimmed so that people driving through the area do not have their vision obscured by the branches and other foliage.

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Why recycling tree trimmings is
important for the environment

Recycling these branches and leaves is important to help maintain the flow and health of the ecosystems in your area. If these branches were not properly disposed of they could end up cluttering up city sidewalks and streets or just be burned up and wasted. This could cause many ecosystems to become unbalanced and certain types of wildlife and even insects could be negatively impacted by this loss. It could result in the loss of food supply for some local wildlife or shelter.

How tree trimmings are recycled

When tree trimmings are recycled they are reintroduced to the environment by being grinded up and mixed with compost. This process turns the trimmings into mulch that enriches the soil it is applied to. This mulch will prevent harmful weeds from sprouting up and destroying beautiful plant life. The mulch also helps the soil it is applied to retain an even temperature and prevents erosion. The nutrients in the mulch also provide food sources for plants and create an environment for many different types of organisms to call home.

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