Recycling Yard Waste

Recycling Your Yard Waste

It wasn’t too long ago that people use to take their yard waste to a landfill and throw it in with the rest of the garbage. Unfortunately, this had the predictable effect of filling up the landfill with dirt, grass and other materials that had no business being in there and that displaced space that could have been used for materials that needed to be protected within a proper landfill. Today, yard waste is recycled. There are many different ways that this is done, but most of them involve creating a community compost pile.

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Yard waste will naturally degrade into compost. The compost can be used by gardeners to improve the fertility of their soil and can even be used by people to make their lawns greener. All it takes to make compost is yard waste and the space to store it while the decomposition process takes place. Insects, worms and other animals contribute to the process. The best thing about composting yard waste is that it requires no machinery to do the job. There’s really no good argument against recycling yard waste, which has made it one of the most popular municipal recycling program designs in the nation.


You can easily recycle your own yard waste. If you have a small yard and only produce minimal lawn clippings and other debris during the year, you can simply build a compost container of your own and put that waste in the container. The container can be just about anything; many people use untreated wooden pallets to create their compost container. The compost will eventually form out of the yard waste and you can use it to spread on your lawn to get better growth or you can use it to spread on your garden to get better food. Either way, recycling yard waste is great for keeping space available in landfills.

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