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Since 2006, Recycle San Diego has been providing free e-waste recycling services to businesses, residences, nonprofits, schools, and local government institutions.

Recycle your old computer with the Recycle San Diego and support our mission of protecting our landfill from toxic waste. Recycle San Diego provides free recycling, disposal, and salvage services for all kinds of eWaste and electronics, including computers and computer equipment.  Keep in mind that even old computer equipment such as dvd drives, power supplies, and even motherboards can be recycled by us.  Feel free to get rid of an old computer, whether it works or not, by bringing it to one of Recycle San Diego’s free drop-off locations.  We’ve partnered with 19 self storage companies to accept your e-waste. 

Recycling with Recycle San Diego is easy and you could qualify for a free pickup. For more information, visit our Electronics Recycling page.


Electronics such as computers, monitors, and TVs contain high amounts of lead and other toxic chemicals. Taking them to Recycle San Diego ensures that those chemicals don’t make their way into the environment.