Sorrento Valley

What Types of Items Can Be Recycled?

If you’re like a lot of people you have gotten used to just throwing away everything you don’t have a use for anymore out with your household trash. This can include paper products like newspapers and magazines, glass bottles, plastic bags and cardboard. It can even include household items that someone else could easily get use out of. Before you continue to throw things away, you should know that many things don’t belong in the trash.

Find a Recycling company in the Sorrento Valley area

For stuff like clothing, household items, toys and other products, you should first see if a friend or family member can use them. You may even be able to sell many of these items and make some extra cash.

For cardboard packaging and other items, you should know that almost all of it can be recycled. This includes glass bottles, plastic jugs and containers and cardboard boxes. Metals, such as aluminum and tin cans can also be recycled into new products as well as paper products. There are exceptions to these and they include paper with plastic coating on it and anything that has food products still stuck on it.

What Happens to Everything Else?

All other items can go in the garbage. This includes food scraps, paper that can’t be recycled and items that are broken or damaged beyond repair. You should still think of how you can reuse everything if you can however, and be creative. Just because you aren’t going to wear an old t-shirt doesn’t mean you can’t use it as a rag.
If you live in or near Sorrento Valley in San Diego, there are plenty of recycling centers in the 92121 zip code that will gladly take your stuff off your hands and either reuse them, give them to those who need them, or repurpose them into new products.