Company Policy




About Recycle San Diego

Recycle San Diego’s mission is to reduce the amount of e-waste in our landfills by providing community outreach, education, support programs, and quick, easy, and convenient e-waste recycling solutions for homes and businesses. To do that, we need your help.Working in Recycle San Diego offers the chance to have a truly local impact. Decisions such as where we host our events, how we coordinate businesses eWaste pickups and which companies we partner with.If our business and our mission appeal to you, take a look at the careers we have to offer. Helping Recycle San Diego fulfill its mission is the chance to make a difference in a unique and powerful way.

Health and Disability Insurance Benefits

We take good care of our valued employees:

Health Insurance

We pay 50% of the employee cost for an Anthem Blue Cross $3500 deductible PPO policy with a $35 office visit copay. The plan covers generic and brand name drugs. If the employee would like a lower deductible PPO or HMO policy, they are welcome to pay the difference and enroll on that plan

Dental Insurance

We offer a low copay Anthem Blue Cross dental HMO policy which is covered at 100% for the employee. If you wish, you can upgrade to a dental PPO plan and pay the difference in cost.

Disability Insurance

By state law, we are required to deduct a certain amount from your pay to provide State Disability Insurance (S.D.I.). S.D.I. Benefits are payable when you cannot work because of illness or injury unrelated to your employment. For information concerning these benefits, contact the Employment Development Department of the State of California.

Social Security

The Federal Insurance Contributions Act, which is better known as Social Security Act, requires the Company to deduct a percentage of your pay, match it with an equal amount from the Company and send it to the government to be deposited in your Social Security account. If you are not familiar with the retirement and disability benefits provided under Social Security, check with your local Social Security office for a more complete explanation.

Worker’s Compensation

The Company pays the entire amount of Workers’ Compensation insurance premium which provides benefits to employees who experience injury or illness connected with employment. To be eligible for Workers’ Compensation benefits, the injury must be a direct result of the job. Benefit entitlements are governed by law

Pregnancy Disability Leave

Paternity Leave will be granted within the parameters of the California Family Leave Act.

Equal Employment Opportunity

We are an equal opportunity employer

Recycle San Diego is committed to a policy of Equal Employment Opportunity. Recycle San Diego will not discriminate on the basis of age, sex, race, color, creed, religion, ethnicity, sexual orientation, gender identity, gender expression, national origin, alienage or citizenship, disability, marital status, military or veteran status, or any other legally recognized protected basis under federal, state, or local laws, regulations or ordinances. Our management is dedicated to ensuring the fulfillment of this policy. When necessary, we will reasonably accommodate employees and applicants with disabilities and with religious requirements necessitating accommodation.