Emerald City

Your Easy Options for Recycling

Getting started with recycling is so easy that anyone can do it. You have so many household items that could be recycled and you could be taking great steps to saving the environment. You may be thinking that your choices mean very little in the grand scope of things, but this is not true. If you just consider that you throw away about 3 bags of trash a week that equals over two thousand gallons of trash going to the landfills. Did you realize the number would be so high? The more people who decide to start recycling, the more the trash can be kept out of landfills.

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Why is the Trash so Bad?

You may be thinking that this is what landfills are for. They are designed to take on trash, right? Maybe so, but there are big problems with this. To start with, landfills are getting more and more full. In fact, many are overflowing. That is just the beginning of the problems. Most things that you throw away will be non biodegradable. This means that they will stay in those landfills forever. There is no space in the landfills and it will not be getting any better. Then, consider the hazardous chemicals problem. Have you ever thrown away a can of bug spray or a bottle of glue? Those chemicals wash away with the rain water and they go into our water supply as well as the supplies for plants and animals. It is a dangerous combination.

Recycling the Easy Way

Thankfully, recycling has gotten much easier. There are numerous Emerald City Recycling centers that are designed to help you out. You do not have to drive very far and you do not have to make huge extra efforts. All you have to do is find the right centers and then start taking your recyclables there. Recycling is easy when you make use of the right Emerald City recycling centers.