Encanto Recycling

Recycling Facilities in the Encanto Community

The Encanto community of San Diego takes up part of the 92114 zip code. This neighborhood is located to the east of the downtown area, and it is home to many residents of various socioeconomic groups. While there is a general trend toward recycling, the Encanto community could certainly use a boost in environmental responsibility. You, as a resident, could be a part of the movement toward a greener planet by seeking out the closest recycling centers and making a point of using them.

Find a Recycling company in the Encanto area

Where to Find Encanto
Recycling Centers

While there may not be a large number of recycling centers located in the Encanto community, you can rest assured there are plenty within a short drive of your home. To get started in your search, you can seek out Federal Recycling, Edco Recycling, IMS Recycling Services, American Recycling, and Amermex Recycling, Inc. These centers are all located near the Encanto community. You may want to call ahead to determine what materials these centers collect so that you don’t make a wasted trip.

How to Find More Recycling Assistance

If you have specialized materials that aren’t accepted at any of the previously mentioned recycling centers, you can seek out the facilities you need with the assistance of Recycle San Diego. By visiting http://recyclesandiego.org/, you can find a list of several recycling centers in the San Diego area. These listings also include contact information, so you can verify that the facility you choose accepts the materials you wish to recycle or dispose of.

It’s always a great idea to call ahead to let the facility know you are coming. You may learn that the center you have chosen will collect the items from you for a small fee, which makes recycling even easier for you. You can also verify the business hours, saving you the hassle of arriving only to find the business closed.