San Ysidro

You Can Recycle

For a lot of people out there, it has become a bad habit to buy new items everyday. This leaves us with the question of what to do with the old, much of which is still in good shape and perfectly useable by someone other than ourselves. Instead of throwing it away so that it can end up in a landfill somewhere, doesn’t it make sense to give others the ability to use these items?

Find a Recycling company in the San Ysidro area

Whether you are moving and need to get rid of a bunch of stuff, or just cleaning out your current house, you probably will find that you are faced with a lot of stuff that you no longer need, but don’t exactly know what to do with it.

Recycling is The Answer

These days, it rarely matters where you live, it is highly likely that you have a recycling center in your area, and quite possibly in your own neighborhood. If you live in the San Ysidro area of San Diego there are plenty of recycling centers all within the zip code of 92143. They’re all easy to find, and will take almost anything you have between the lot of them.

Places such as:

  • Main Street Recycling
  • Save the Planet Recycling Center
  • San Diego Recycling Co
  • Mike’s Recycling
  • Amswede Recycling
  • SOS Metals Inc
  • Cactuc Recycling

Many of these places will take general recyclables such as cans, bottle, glass and paper, and a few will take metals and other household items. It’s super easy to drop off your recyclables and will greatly benefit the environment as well as the San Ysidro community.
Don’t throw away items that can possibly find new uses somewhere else. Using one of the recycling centers near you, you can do your part to save the planet and those who live on it.