Gasoline Fuel and Oil Recycling Keeps Life Healthy

Gasoline, Fuel and Oil are dangerous compounds that we use often in our everyday lives, but that can be detrimental to our surrounding environment. Gasoline and fuel are used to run cars and other items that have motors such as lawnmowers and motorized saws. Oil is used not only in cars, boats and other machines, but also for cooking food. These are all made of chemical compounds that pose a threat to people and that must be disposed of in the proper manner.


Why Recycle Gasoline,
Fuel and Oil?

Gasoline, fuel and oil should be recycled because if they are thrown out, they will heavily pollute the water, air and land. The water that you drink should be completely clean of these very harmful chemicals or people and animals can become very, very sick. These items can also release gasses into the air that we breathe which not only depletes our very important ozone layer, but also caused global warming and such breathing disorders as asthma and emphysema. To keep yourself, your family and your environment safe from these toxic chemicals, you should also recycle gasoline, fuel and oil at a place where they know how to handle these items properly.

How to Recycle Gasoline, Fuel and Oil?

A government waste agency in your area will have the correct tools to handle these items and then repurpose and reuse them safely. Contact your local government office to get directed to the agency and to speak with someone about where to drop these chemicals off. Your local auto store or hardware store may also have a recycling program for gasoline, fuel and oil so that you do not have to worry about getting rid of these. They can use the old gasoline, fuel and oil to make new products to protect the Earth and keep these chemicals out of the ground.

Can’t Find What You Are Looking For?

City of San Diego Environmental Services call:


Unincorporated County Residents call:

1-877-R-1-EARTH (1-877-713-2784)


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